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Milos, the island of Aphrodite (Venus), but also one of the most famous pirates’ hideouts during the Middle Ages, is a Cycladic island which distinguishes from the rest of Cyclades for its unique exotic beauty, attributed to its volcanic landscape and its adventurous past.

This island surrounded by past stories and legends about pirates, is the perfect place for family holidays, giving the opportunity of having an imaginary trip to pirates times through legends and landscapes like the caves of Kleftiko Papafragas, Sarakiniko and Katergo, which used to be the hideouts of formidable pirates! But note also that it is one of the best places especially for hopeless romantic couples, as the tranquillity of the island in combination with its breathtaking scenery gives to Milos an idyllic atmosphere.

There are so many things to do in Milos apart from swimming in its crystal emerald waters and relaxing at its fascinating beaches with the amazing rock formations (of different dazzling color variations) that create a majestic scenery. Some worth-mentioning things that you can do in Milos are:

  • Visiting the colourful fishing villages like Klima and Firopotamos.
  • Go hiking or take a walk to Plaka and Pollonia where you can admire the simplicity and the uniqueness of the Cycladic architecture and also enjoy the spectacular view of the Aegean Sea.
  • Visit the archaeological and folklore museums of Milos as well as the ancient town of Klima.
  • Moreover, Milos’s seabed is one of the most interesting places waiting to be explored, as apart from its rich flora and fauna that can be found at its reefs, there are also ancient shipwrecks and hidden secrets waiting lied in the bottom of the sea.
  • If you are not up for the diving experience you can try windsurfing or kite surfing, as the strong summer winds create the perfect conditions for these sports
  • You can even have boat trips to various secluded beaches or take a day trip to another island close to Milos just to have a change of scenery. You can visit Kimolos, or you can even enrich your vacations by visiting Serifos, Sifnos and Folegandros, due to the fact that they are in close distance.

Now without any further ado let us introduce Milos the island of the 100 beaches: some of them are:

  • The mesmerizing Sarakiniko beach is one of the most beautiful beaches to visit. Once you are at Sarakiniko your first thought is that you landed on the moon, while your heart and soul are captivated by the lunar setting that with the exotic waters create unique and extraterrestrial scenery.
  • Firiplaka is an amazing beach next to Tsigrado, on the southern side of the island. This sandy place has crystal waters and only few tourist facilities, so it offers you the chance for privacy and relaxation.
  • On the other hand, Tsigrado has an amazing beach of soft sand appropriate for building sandcastles with your family and playing carefree on the beach!
  • Kleftiko, on the other hand, is an impressive beach famous for its rock formations and can be reached only by boat. The beauty of the landscape speaks for itself with impressive rocks springing up from the sea, forming natural caves and exposing some rare geological phenomena. Kleftiko is also known as The Sea Meteora. The legend has it that one of the caves in Kleftiko was a pirate hideaway and that their treasury was hidden in there, yet never found.
  • Another one astonishing beach is that of Paleochori with its transparent clear waters being an alluring temptation for swimming and an attractive destination because of its variety of colours that is really amazing.
  • At Firopatomos beach there are trees that surround the place offering a shelter of shadow to bathers. The beach is located in a small bay. There is a town nearby which has the same name as the beach and it is quite close to Plaka, the capital of Milos.

.** It is easy to travel around the island. There is a bus network that connects Adamas with the main tourist beaches such as Paleochori and Provatas whilst also linking other communities in nearby, hilltop Plaka and coastal Pollonia which is further away in the north.

Milos and its hidden treasures are waiting for you!



Venue Facilities : Pick Up in the morning and transfer to the port of Piraeus to catch the Fats Boat at 7 am and Arrive in Milos Island at 9:55 am. After your arrival, you are free to enjoy the Island of Milos and the amazing beaches. Late in the evening, you need to be in the port of Milos to catch the fast ferry for coming back to Piraeus port where your privet picks up will be waiting.
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