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Here is an attempt for a short description to our full day cruise.

We board our pride and joy Astrolavos, our 14mt traditional wooden ship and we make our way to the eastern side of the island. We sail along Skliri beach and the well-known Chalikiada nudist beach and travel south through some beautiful coastline.

Reaching the south untouched side of the island we come to some wonderful blue water coves and we visit some magnificent caves inhabited by swifts, rock doves and lesser kestrels. Here we make our first stop for swimming, snorkeling,some complimentary refreshments and a light snack. Just a small taste from what follows.

Refreshed we continue our journey towards a nearby beautiful island, Dorousa, where we come upon the wreck Avantis III. Thanks to the clear water, visibility is high allowing snorkelers to view upon a big part of it.

Astrolavos continues to a nearby protected cove on Dorousa where we make our lengthy stop and prepare our first time divers for their taste of the deep. All our dive spots for the experienced divers are nearby and we go by our rib.

There we also have our world famous, to say the least, Greek BBQ with local tastes and plenty of wine.

Overlooking the cove there is Prophet Elijah’s monastery with great view over the Saronic Gulf, just an easy climb away.

On our way back from the western side of the island we come upon Dragonera, a shallow water sandy beach full of pine trees reaching the shore, where we make our last farewell stop.

Venue Facilities : Two ways tickets with a fast boat per person, day tour to the island.
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