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If you are visiting Athens and you want to escape from its urban environment, Aegina is the ideal place for you.
It’s just an hour away by boat from the port of Athens, Piraeus, and it can offer a variety of choices to a traveler.
*It is not necessary to have a tour guide on the island to understand its hidden jewels. Wandering around its alleys, you have the chance to discover its traditional houses, the churches with the blue domes and the shops with folk art.
There is so much to do on the island that just one day might not be enough.
Strolling around the narrow paved streets , exploring the architecture that mixes traditional with modern times, taking rides with horse-carriages, taking a walk to the floating fish market, visiting the pistachio groves to see or even be a part of the gathering procedure,visiting monuments of the past like the Roman wall, Afaias Temple, the Archaeological Museum of Aegina, La Torre di Markellos, Saint’s Nektarios Monastery or the ‘’Kolonas’’ .
You can even go hiking at the countryside, as many old footpaths cross the island and lead to tiny chapels, small settlements, secluded beaches and hilltops with the breathtaking view.
In the summertime, you can go swimming to the white blue sea, relax at the sandy beaches or choose to do a wide variety of watersports like sea-bicycle, kayaking or even go boating to the Moni Island, where you can swim in the crystal water and also feed the peacocks that live there.
If you are the gourmet type and you enjoy quality food, visit the traditional restaurants of Aegina and taste the fresh fish and Greek traditional food.
In case you want to relax and gaze the tranquillity of the bright blue sea you can order ouzo (a Greek drink) and have a meze (a light snack). Also, enjoy the patisseries which are in front of the harbour and in the beautiful alleys where you can have a cup of coffee or a drink.
Don’t forget to taste Aegina’s pistachios, known worldwide for its elegant and subtle taste. On the island, you can find different variations of this heavenly product that comes to sweet and salty savours!
If you are in search of your next adventure don’t hesitate, just hop on the next boat for Aegina and be prepared for an unforgettable experience.

Departure: From the Port of Piraeus:  08:30 or 12:15

Return: Departure from Aegina Port:  18:15 daily

Trip Duration:1 hour and 15′

Please let us know if these hours don’t work for you and we will give another timetable.

The tour includes return ferry tickets and one map of the Island.

When you arrive on the Island of Aegina then it is your time and you can spend it as you are pleased


Venue Facilities : Two ways tickets per person with normal boat,Departure or 08:30 or 12:15 Return 18:15 from Aegina island, Transfer from the canter of Athens to the Port and Back from the Port to The Hotel, a free map of Aegina Island. Trip Duration 1 hour and 15'
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