Santorini Island


Santorini (Thira) : Every year Santorini, or Thira, or Fira ranks as one of the top summer destinations worldwide.

This Cycladic Island, decorated with adorable whitewashed houses and blue churches, with beautiful landscapes and breathtaking sunsets that everyone wishes to see at least once in their lifetime, is the gem of the Aegean sea.

It is hard to imagine that such a small island can live up to its myth, but the honest truth is that words are not even enough to describe the feelings that you go through during your stay at Santorini.

You have to keep in mind that Santorini’s uniqueness and wild-scenery are due to the volcanic eruptions that took place back to the mid-second millennium BC. Thanks to these eruptions Santorini became a gifted place in which you will see either black or red or white or even “desert” sandy beaches, a small island created of black lava and the caldera-edge clifftops which offer you a breath-catching view of land and sea.

Some worth visiting beaches are:

Red Beach is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Thira. There you can enjoy swimming in warm water as well as lying on a beach chair surrounded by black and red pebbles!

Right next to the Red beach there is a cove known as the White Beach. The highlight of this beach is that even though it’s covered with black pebbles, the cliffs surrounding the place are white creating this way a harmonically contrasted environment.

You can also visit the beach of Kamari which is covered in black sand, situated on the southern part of the island. The area is extremely mesmerizing, especially at night when the rock shines in the dark. This resort is family friendly, and you can choose among many activities like water sports, as well as diving.

Perivolos beach, on the other hand, is famous for its tranquillity and its sparkling azure blue waters. Despite the fact that it’s an unorganized beach, on the beachfront, there are plenty of taverns and restaurants where you can eat fresh fish and try so many other traditional delicacies.

Some activities you might find interesting:

-Donkey-riding at the scenic narrow streets of the island

-Go hiking from Fira to Oia (via Firostefani and Imerovigli) or from Fira to Nea Kameni Volcano where you will gaze some breathtaking views. (As the trails’ ground is rough it is better to avoid wearing flip-flops).

-Visiting Museums: Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum/ Winery,  Santorini of the past, Santozeum, Caldera, Santorini Arts Factory, Thira’s Archaeological Museum

-Make an island hop! Take the ferry from Oia to Thirasia (the fare is very low).

*Santorini is one of the most romantic places on earth especially for couples and newlyweds who wish to spend their precious moments surrounded by the idyllic ambience of the island. The most iconic moment that everyone captures in a photograph is the time of the sunset at Oia, during which the area is incarnadined with silky and warm tones of red and orange, giving the impression that the sky is on fire.

For those who are thinking of making a wedding proposal,  Santorini is undeniably the most ideal setting!  Don’t hesitate! Make sure you have the ring, take your other half by the hand and just pop the question!



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