Hydra Island Best Travel Guide

 Hydra Island Best Travel Guide

Hydra Island is a well-hidden paradise in the heart of the Saronic Gulf. It may be only 90 minutes away from Athens, but the lifestyle of the island is far away from the crazy rhythms of Athens’ life. Prepare yourselves to be mesmerized by Hydra’s unique beauty and romantic landscapes.

Once you are on the island you may notice that you cannot hear or see automobiles.  The main mean of public transportation in Hydra is quite traditional and time traveling, as you can ride donkeys or horses for moving around and as for you who may be a little bit skeptical and do not wish to ride, no worries as the island is ideal for strolling and walking too!

The island is the right place for your holidays from every perspective. Maybe this year you want to spend your holidays collecting new experiences or maybe you just want to lie back, relax and enjoy your time with your loved ones on the island, either way, you can have them both! Hydra is a destination that excites your heart and rests your mind. You will be amazed by how many famous people you might cross paths with! It’s a place where culture, fame, and beauty of nature unite and offer you a wonderful experience.

The nightlife of the island is mild but if you are lucky enough you might hear about some interesting private parties hosted at houses and on yachts.

Hydra’s beaches are pebbled and have picturesque, green surroundings. You can find excursion boats that depart from the port and make the tour of the island, stopping at many Hydra beaches along the way. The most popular beaches are Vlichos, Kaminia, Bisti and Agios Nikolaos.

If you want something more culturally oriented you can visit Hydras’ museums or you can also attend the various festivities that take place on the island, like the Miaoulia festivities (held annually, June 23-26), honoring Andrea Miaouli, naval hero of the Greek War for Independence, with featuring reenactments and firework displays. During August, the island celebrates its Kountouriotia event, a tribute to Hydra’s admiral Pavlos Kountouriotis, selected twice as the President of the Second Hellenic Republic, during Greece’s political regime 1924 -1935. Even in October, you can find various events on the island, like the competitive sailing event.

This summer travel to Hydra, to this magical place that will capture your heart!